How To Control Your Internet Bandwidth Easy Way 2023

, Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Are you facing lagging issues while surfing on the internet just because of having more users in your home, Or do you want to limit the internet consumption by your PC? Well, luckily you have some solutions hereby limiting the bandwidth your computer or laptop consumes. Follow the instructions below to control your internet bandwidth:-

Control Your Internet Bandwidth From The Router

Well, lots of routers provide various options for changing the bandwidth. How about we start with those choices which relate to any gadget in the organization?

Changing the QoS on the Router

In order to control your internet bandwidth, the most surefire approach to restrict how much data transmission your PC burns through will be through your switch’s Quality of Service (QoS) innovation. Just to give a brisk once-over, Quality of Service is utilized as an innovation to control traffic needs in a home or private company organization. QoS investigates what gadgets utilize the most data transfer capacity, figuring out which traffic is the most significant. At that point, QoS focuses on that traffic as needs are.

You can adjust the QoS to establish priorities by finding out the internet traffic, the setting up the priorities High, Medium, and low according to your need of yours.

While on some routers you can actually adjust the QoS to identify the traffic based on Computer IP or MAC address letting you give higher priorities to the specific devices that you choose. This is easier than finding and prioritizing types of traffic.

Follow the steps below:-

  1. Log in to your Routers IP.
  2. A Dashboard appears on your screen, Then find QoS Setup or Something similar to it and click on it.
  3. Then Use your own computer’s MAC address or IP address and set up your traffic priority as high, medium, or low.
  4. You can also repeat this process on every device connected to your network.

As per the software your router has, you may have more QoS options to choose from. Some routers also let to set upload and download speed with QoS based on a number of various factors.

Moreover, some routers consist of intelligent QoS that automatically lets users set up what type of traffic gets priority.

Parental Controls

Most of the new-gen routers provide options to set up “Parental Control”. You may like to limit your time frame or the bandwidth, so may get these options from here to Control Your Internet Bandwidth.

Firstly login to the router’s control panel. After then Check for the options. The Nighthawk from Netgear for instance has a connection to the Circle first Generation application. For 4.99/mo. you can deal with the associated gadget’s utilization.

From The Third-Party Software

As we mentioned above, using the router to Control Your Internet Bandwidth traffic is the most efficient way, but, Local utilities and software also let you do so. Among those utilities, Netbalancer is a free software package that lets users limit the priority of traffic coming from specific processes. This is how you use Netbalancer to limit the bandwidth.

  1. Set for any procedure a download or potentially transfer network need or cutoff
  2. Oversee needs and cutoff points for each organization connector independently
  3. Characterize definite organization traffic rules
  4. Gathering neighborhood network PCs and equilibrium their traffic synchronized
  5. Set worldwide traffic limits
  6. Show network traffic in the framework plate

Your computer now gives full access to NetBalancer the lets you closely monitor the traffic and Control Your Internet Bandwidth by setting the download/upload speed or priority.

The Net Balancer works close enough as QoS, so it is also a pretty handy tool though it is not the best utility if you are trying to limit the traffic of other people consuming up too much bandwidth at your home. For that, you would need to test the Quality of Service feature on your router.

Limit Bandwidth For Updates

Thankfully, Windows 10 offers an option to Control Your Internet Bandwidth for annoying updates.

  1. Go to Start Menu in the lower-left corner, then click on PC settings.
  2. Then click on Update & Security and then Delivery Optimization.
  3. Again go to ‘Advanced Options and make the changes you prefer.

Thanks for reading. Hope after this you can control your internet bandwidth. Also if you want more information related to technology comment below and I‘ll try to write a post related to your desired topic.

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