How To Create A Minecraft Server In 2022 Easy Way

, Friday, August 20, 2021

So, in this article, I am going to explain “how to Create a Minecraft server”. Nowadays Minecraft is the most popular game in this present world. Minecraft has sold above 100 million copies of its worldwide. It is straightforward to play on a single player. In this post, we will be discussing How To Create A Minecraft Server. If you want to play Minecraft with friends in multiplayer, then you need a server to connect. Play with others. This may be a hosted server on VPS on a different platform located where multiple players can connect and play together in the same world.

Create or rent?

Whether you are going to create a Minecraft server of your own, or rent one from different platforms like Digitalocean, and AWS, there are many things to consider. It would be best if you considered everything from hardware requirements, server setup, security, maintenance, security, and upgrades while building your own Minecraft server. You will need to confirm that all of the above points are in place before releasing your Minecraft server to the public(Friends&Family). Starting your own Minecraft server is a fun and exciting project. This tutorial will help you to create a Minecraft server on your own.

Important points to be Noticed to Create A Minecraft Server

Before you do the setup to create a Minecraft server please first take permission from your parents if you are a child or below 18. And if you are parents setting this server for your child please keep track with whom your child shares your server IP. The best way of being secure is to share your IP with the only known person in real life. Many people on the internet are nice, by limiting your server IP to only those persons you know in real life, you won’t be facing any consequences.

Setting Server on your own PC

First of all, you will need to download java’s latest version and install it on your personal computer to create a Minecraft server. After installation then you will need server files you can get that files from Minecraft’s official website here. Download It and make a folder named whatever you want, I am making Minecraft Folder on my desktop for the demo you can make it wherever you want. Now copy that server.jar file to your new folder downloaded from Minecraft Official website.

In my case, I am copying the server.jar file to my desktop folder called Minecraft. After copying the server.jar file to a new location, run that file and it will create some other folders and files that are necessary to run the server. You can see the snapshots of this process below.

After That open the eula.txt file Firstly there will be eula=false change it to eula=true. Just like in the given snapshots.

After accepting the agreement again run server.jar files, after running that file allow the defender firewall security as shown in the picture below. It will further create the server files and folders like world,whitelist.json, banned.json, etc. The java console panel will launch automatically, and the server will start. You can see Some snapshots of the process below.

The server is running perfectly.

Now you can join the server by opening the Minecraft game and going to multiplayer and adding a new server you can put any name under the server name and you should put localhost in the server address as in the picture below.

Port Forwarding For Adding Players Who Are Not In Your Network

After you create a Minecraft server, you will need to do port forwarding in order to play with your friends who are not in your network or reside far from your network area. The process of doing port forwarding is simple and easy. At first, you need to open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security from the start menu or simply you can press the start button on the keyboard and search for Windows Defender Firewall and open it. Then,

Follow few steps

  1. Go To Inbound Rules and look for New Rule in the top right corner of Inbound Rules and click New Rule.
  2. After that select Port>TCP>specific port: 25565 >Allow the connection>Next> Then Add a name to your rule it can be any like Minecraft TCP, then click finish.
  3. And do the same process Add New rules select port>UDP>specific port:25565> >Allow the connection>Next> Then Add a name to your rule it can be any like Minecraft UDP, then click finish.
  4. After this Click Outbounds Rules on the defender firewall, at the top left side.
  5. then repeat the process 2&3 same here also.
  6. Then restart your computer.

The process of port forwarding is now complete now you will need an IP address in order to connect to the Minecraft server now let’s find it. Open CMD(command prompt) then type ipconfig then you will see the IPv4 address that will be your server IP with that port which we have just forwarded. For Example: If there is then the server IP will be Basically, in the picture below, there is the process for port forwarding.

All in all, in this way you can create a Minecraft server. Hope it helped you. If it helped then don’t forget to share with your other who needs to create a Minecraft server, thanks For Visiting GETEVERYSEARCH.

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