How To Do Mechanic Job In Legacy Roleplay Server Easy Way

, Thursday, June 17, 2021

Did you want to know how to do a mechanic job in the Legacy Roleplay server? don’t worry I will fully guide you on how to do the mechanic job easily and effectively. One year ago the mechanic job was a blacklisted or not whitelisted job which means you can take this job from a job invader. Later on, it became a whitelisted job and was provided by admins to an eligible person.

You have to fill out the form to apply for the post of mechanic, once it is approved you can able to do a mechanic job. So, before starting let me inform you I have uploaded an article on how to do the EMS Job in the Legacy Roleplay server in my previous post you can search or click here to see the post. Let’s move on and start from the basics of how to do a mechanic job.

Buy A Tow Truck

Once you get the mechanic role inside roleplay you can be able to buy a tow truck. According to its name, a tow truck tows the vehicles and used them to impound the vehicles. To buy this truck simply have to go on any impound lot and you can see an up arrow ( ↑ ) sign, just go there and press the E button and buy the truck. It will cost $1500 only.

Now let’s move on and discuss how to tow vehicles and impound the vehicles. First, you have to place your tow truck in front of the vehicle which you want to impound then simply flip the vehicle using the command (/flip) and then enter (/tow). Your vehicle will be lifted in the truck back as you can see in the picture below also remember one thing you have to take a screenshot of towing the vehicle and take details of the vehicle like the number plate and name similar also the location from where the vehicle is taken to impound.

Mechanic Job

After towing the vehicle, drive your truck to the impound lot and press the “E” button in the impound area. The vehicle will impound.

How To Repair Vehicles While Doing Mechanic Job

The main work of a mechanic is to repair vehicles. In order to repair vehicles, a mechanic should have to analyze what kind of damage is in the vehicle. To do this, you have to put the vehicle in a rectangular shape inside the shop. After placing, just stand in front of the vehicle and review the vehicle by pressing the “R” button.

Mainly there are three types of damage in a vehicle as level one, level two, and level three. But how to identify which level of damage occurred in the vehicle, don’t worry. The number of scrap metals required to repair a vehicle is the level of damage. The number of scrap metals may require 1, 2, or 3 which defines the level of damage in a vehicle.

The total materials used to repair the vehicle are scrap metal, aluminum, steel, glass, and rubber. You have to repair the vehicle in two parts body parts and engine parts. After reviewing everything will pop out there. You will be able to understand what materials are required and the level of damage that occurred in the vehicle.

You can purchase scrap metals, aluminum, steel, glass, and rubber from the office in the repair shop and repair the vehicle using these materials. There is a crafting table inside the repair shop, used to craft glass doors and tires for the vehicle.

You can repair the vehicle but you have to make a bill for the cost required to repair that vehicle. You can see the mechanic rate card below:-

So in this rate card, you can see the pricing level indicated for every vehicle type and every level of damage. Materials costs are not included in engine repair and body repairing. That is only the repairing cost but you have to add the cost of materials yourself and charge to the customer. In the case of a door, window, and tire, you have to charge only indicated cost not more than that.

At last, you have to take details of the vehicle and vehicle owners like owner name, owner character id, vehicle name, plate number, items used, and total cost.

So in the mechanic job you have to do as explained above. Being a mechanic and doing a Mechanic job is not difficult. You can do this practically in your training in a mechanic job and become perfect at it. Happy Roleplaying. Also, check out the EMS RP guide.

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