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Sandip Sharma, Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hello everyone, you are reading this post so I assumed that you are getting a low FPS problem. Don’t worry, in this post, I’m going to share my experience of how I got my FPS back while gaming or in other things. The performance that a computer or laptop gives when it is newly bought differs from the performance given after a certain period of time. Why did this happen any idea?

If you have a low-end pc and trying high-end games or programs then it is common that there will be low FPS performance. Let’s go apart from this and discuss why there is a deviation between pre-performance and post-performance given by any computer. According to my experience due to two main reasons, my laptop decreased its performance. One big problem is that there was a problem with my computer’s fan and the other is there was too much dust inside my laptop and needs maintenance.

Fan Problem

I am one of the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series laptop users. On my laptop, the fan did not respond properly to the system. I have activated support assist on my laptop, it finds out the problem with my fan. The fan did not ring as much as it has to ring. You can see the picture below that how SupportAssist is detecting the hardware problem of my laptop.


When the fan does not work properly my laptop started to gain a lot of heat. After getting too much heat the FPS automatically decreases and causes problems while operating on the laptop. My laptop’s fan rings slowly so I decided to replace the fan and replaced it. After replacing the fan, my laptop started giving the same and better performance as it was newly bought.

Lack of Mainteinance

Maintenance is required for everything. Similarly, in the case of computers, they also need maintenance from time to time. As compared to me, for nearly one and a half years I haven’t done any kind of maintenance so I was getting lag experience or low FPS problems. Inside my laptop, there was full of dust which needs to be removed and cleaned. I removed the dust using a vacuum and cleaned each part using soft clothe.

The dust inside the laptop makes not run properly. If there is dust inside computers or in part of computers leads to decrease the performance. Moreover, I have put thermal paste inside my laptop that helped to reduce overheating problems. So, if you want your computer not to decrease your performance then do proper maintenance from time to time. This will help your computer to prevent from getting poor performance.

So, I have shared my experience on how I got my FPS back. Hope you liked it, Thank you : )

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