How to Become a Millionaire in GTA Online Easy Ways 2022

Sandip Sharma, Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Welcome everyone, you are here this implies you are a GTA Online gamer and want to know the tips and tricks on how to become a millionaire in GTA Online. To become rich there are easier steps which will be explained below. Before this let’s start with the basic introduction of what GTA Online is?

GTA Online is an online gaming platform developed by Rockstar Games in 2013. In GTA Online people are joined in a session playing together, doing heists, completing missions, fighting, racing, and many more cool things. Really GTA is a fantastic game. So let’s move on to the topic of how to become a millionaire in GTA Online.

Diamond Casino Heist

This is the easiest way to become rich. In a diamond casino heist, the maximum loot amount that you can gather is more than 2 million up to 3 million. This heist can give you diamonds, gold, paintings, and cash. You can get these different types of things in many attempts. This means One type of loot is only gained in one time it depends on your luck. If you found diamonds, gold, or paintings then you are lucky because these things give more loot than cash.

how to become a millionaire in GTA Online

Before doing this heist, you need to have your own arcade or your friend’s arcade and play together in heist mission. You cannot do this heist single. You can do it with 2 to 4 players. Before heist, you have to do many preparations. You can do it alone as well as with your associates.

So don’t worry about how to become a millionaire in GTA Online, you can do this heist daily and acquire millions of cash in your wallet.

Prison Break

Another way to earn money is Prison Break. You can do this mission only if when there are 4 players. This is not a single-player mission. This mission has 4 parts. The first three parts are taken as preparation in which you have to steal a velum (airplane) from a gang, steal a prison bus from cops, and last prep go-to station and steal a file. After this, there is a final mission in which 2 groups are divided as ground and air. The air group flies a plane and helicopter and the ground group goes inside the prison and kills all the cops inside the prison.

After killing all cops inside the prison ground unit have to escape the prisoner with the help of air units. The air unit lands the plane and everyone escapes from cops and mission is completed and everyone will be awarded money according to the estimated cut percentage set by the leader.

Cayo Perico Heist

Cayo Perico is a highly secured El Rubio’s private island where thousands of security guards look after the island. In order to do this heist, you need to have your own submarine. To buy a submarine named kosatka firstly you have to visit mini Madrazo at the music locker near to casino.

After buying kosatka first you need to scope out the whole Cayo Perico island in search of the file for Madrazo which is referred to as a primary target but you can search for cash, gold, weed, cocaine as a secondary target. Firstly you have to enter Cayo Perico Island and without being spotted by the guards have to search for targets.

You can get 1.2 million only for the primary target. Furthermore, you can get more than 2 million if you discovered all secondary targets. This mission can be done in single but I suggest doing this with friends because if you only go for the heist your loot bag cannot carry all the loot so having friends will be easier to get all loot.

So, the other answer for how to become a millionaire in GTA Online is to do Cayo Perico Heist.

Sell Goods and Products

If you want to become rich then you have choices to sell goods and products. You can register yourself as CEO, VIP, President from the interaction menu, make sure that you have bought a nightclub, bunker, etc. You owned those properties and register yourself as president then you get goods collecting and selling job which makes a higher profit.

Casino Daily Wheelspin

All GTA Online players are given a daily spin facility. So you must go and visit the casino and spin the wheel daily. Wheelspin has got various rewards, you can win up to $50000 in a spin. Moreover, you can also win a luxury car too. Not only this you can win 30000 chips which can be exchanged for money $1 per chip. Also, you can get clothes set as well as discount coupons on vehicle purchases. Similarly, the spin wheel has a unique reward called mystery that can give you a huge reward. So, spin the wheel daily.

how to become a millionaire in GTA Online

All in all, these were the steps or tips on how to become a millionaire in GTA Online. There are more ways to become rich that you should analyze and find out yourself, Happy Gaming. Thank You

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