How To Make Computer Faster For Gaming Effective Ways 2023

, Thursday, February 18, 2021

A computer does not always run faster, after some time of buying a computer, its performance used to decrease slightly. To make computer faster for gaming or run smoothly for gaming or other purposes, you simply need to do is follow the given steps one by one which will fulfill your requirements to make computer faster for gaming.

Step 1. Right-click on your start windows button,
Step 2. Go “run”/( win + r ),
Step 3. Write “Prefetch” on a blank area,

make computer faster for gaming

Step 4. Press ok,
Step 5. After that click on continue and delete all the files that are inside it.

Next, again go to Run and write Temp and open it.

After opening you need to do is clearing/delete all the files inside it.

Not only this, you have to go to Run again and write “%Temp%” and click ok.

After that, you again have to delete all files that are inside it. You may wonder why you are doing this right. You need to regularly clean all the cache files from your computer to make the computer faster for gaming. This whole process is a small and easy procedure to make computer faster for gaming and other purposes.

Similarly, for the next tip simply you have to do is
Step 1. Go to the search bar of start windows,
Step 2. Search Disk clean-up,

make computer faster for gaming

Step 3. Open it,

Step 4. Select any one disk at one time,

Step 5. Click on ok,

Step 6. Mark all options that are appearing on it and press “OK” and delete.
This will delete all your cache and unnecessary files that make your computer slower.
After doing this restart your computer and you can easily and effectively make computer faster for gaming.

Remove unnecessary files to make computer faster for gaming

Another way is, you have to delete and uninstall all unnecessary and unused applications. First, you have to browse your storage and clear all the unnecessary files. If unused files are removed it will decrease your storage usage and the computer will become faster. Gaming any high fps games requires free storage and try not to make RAM usage 100 percent.

Close unused tabs

Running unused tabs in the background consumes CPU memory and RAM which will decrease the performance of running used tabs. You must close those tabs that you are not operating at the moment. Open tabs according to requirements and close them when your work is done. If various tabs are running at the same time, processor capacity may decrease slightly. If processor capacity is decreased then the computer will automatically be slower. So, tabs must be closed when the work is done. It will make computer faster for gaming.

Remove live wallpapers

If you are using live wallpapers on your computer then your computer can also become slower. Live wallpapers use a high amount of capacity and power uses. I recommend not to insert live wallpapers on the computers let its theme be on default form and make computer faster for gaming.

Don’t run applications or programs out of computers capacity

You have to run your computer according to its ability like how is the size of RAM, Storage capacity, etc. It depends on your computer’s performance. If you are using higher-quality games or apps that your computer can not run smoothly then your computer becomes slower and slower. So you can change your RAM and Hard disk to a higher capacity to run your program smoothly and make computer faster for gaming.

Scan For Virus

Sometimes your computer may be affected by a virus. A virus can easily get inside your computer from unofficial sites or unwanted files or applications. The virus infects your computer and makes it slower. If your PC is infected by a virus it will affect your computer and you have to face different kinds of difficulties. Then how to solve this problem, don’t worry you can simply install an original antivirus and remove the virus. If your virus is removed from your computer then you can make computer faster for gaming.

Upgrade RAM, Hard Disk, and Graphics Card

There were many tips described above. But this one is different. Although have to try all the steps above if your PC is not running faster then you have to upgrade your RAM HARD DISK AND GRAPHICS CARD for the betterment of the computer. To make it smooth you can change or upgrade your RAM, Hard Disk and Graphics Card. After upgrading these things your computer will become faster than previous. Upgrading these things makes all kinds of programs run easily without any disturbance or errors. Higher RAM, Storage, and Graphics give high or good performance while operating a computer. So, in this way you can make computer faster for gaming.

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