Encrypt READ Using RSA Algorithm

, Monday, April 10, 2023

In this blog, I will show you how to easily Encrypt READ Using RSA Algorithm. Firstly Understand What RSA Algorithm is, The RSA algorithm is a widely used public-key cryptography algorithm that is based on the mathematical problem of factoring large numbers into their prime factors. The algorithm works by using two large prime numbers to generate a public key and a private key, which are used to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Here are the basic steps of the RSA algorithm:

  1. Generate two large prime numbers, p, and q.
  2. Calculate their product, n = p * q, which is used as the modulus for the public and private keys.
  3. Choose an integer e such that 1 < e < φ(n), where φ(n) = (p-1)*(q-1) is Euler’s totient function. e is the public key exponent and should be relatively prime to φ(n).
  4. Calculate the private key exponent d, which is the multiplicative inverse of e modulo φ(n). In other words, d is the number such that e*d ≡ 1 (mod φ(n)).
  5. The public key is the pair (n, e) and the private key is the pair (n, d).
  6. To encrypt a message m, compute c = m^e (mod n), where c is the ciphertext.
  7. To decrypt the ciphertext c, compute m = c^d (mod n), where m is the original message.

The security of RSA depends on the fact that it is very difficult to factor large numbers into their prime factors. As the size of the prime numbers used in RSA increases, the security of the algorithm also increases. However, RSA is vulnerable to attacks such as side-channel attacks, timing attacks, and attacks based on faulty implementations. To mitigate these risks, proper key management and secure implementation practices should be used.

Now Let’s begin to Encrypt READ Using RSA Algorithm:

How to Encrypt READ Using RSA

Assume p = 7 and q = 11  // In not given case
Calculate n = p*q 
            = 7*11
            = 77
ϕ(n) = (p-1)*(q-1)
        = (7-1)*(11-1)
        = 6*10

Assume e = 13   // Co prime Number

Calculate d =  e-1 mod ϕ(n)
                     = 13-1 mod 66
                     = 37

Now, Encryption Process:   //formula : c = me mod n

Plain Text         m              c = m13  mod 77

   R               18                    46
   E               5                     26
   A               1                     1
   D               4                     53

Now, Decryption Process:          //formula : m = cd  mod n

  c             m = c37  mod 77        Plain Text

  46            18                       R
  26            5                        E
  1             1                        A
  53            4                        D

So this is the process to encrypt READ using RSA Algorithm. In this way, you can encrypt read using RSA Algorithm also any other text. Hope You Understand it. Make Sure to share this with your Friends Thanks For Visiting GETEVERYSEARCH.

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