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, Saturday, February 20, 2021

Hidden Secret Features of Discord: If I’m right, you must be a discord user, so you came here on this blog article. If you are using discord for a long time then you might know some hidden secret features of discord. In this post, I’m gonna write all the hidden secret features of discord, and let’s see you know about these all hidden secrets or not. From the basic, let’s go from the introduction part of “discord”.

What is Discord?

Discord is a digital distribution and an American messaging platform made for creating communities. In discord, users can communicate and interact with each other. In discord, users can communicate and interact through voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files. You can have private chats as well as public chats on discord.

You can DM your friends privately and you can create servers also. After creating a server you can add channels according to different categories. There are mainly two channels such as text channels and voice channels. In the text channel, you can see messages or data and send messages whereas in the voice channel you can connect in the voice channel and communicate with others. Now let me figure out all hidden secret features and easter egg of discord below:


First, don’t be confused after seeing the word “DISCORDIA”. It is a word pronounced by the discord application after opening it. You have to enable this pronouncing hidden feature. To enable this feature you have to click on the logo on the right top discord icon. If you tap on that icon 15 times then your feature will be activated and whenever you open discord you will listen to the sound as “DISCORDIA”. To disable this feature again tap 15 times on the discord icon and it will be disabled.

Hidden Secret Features of Discord

Keyboard Combos

Here, Keyboard combs are present. These are not actually hidden secret features of discord but are shortcut keys for discord commands. You can see these commands by simply pressing “Ctrl + /” on a windows computer or “Cmd + /” on Mac. After pressing this command you can see the pop-up image of all shortcut commands and use those commands according to requirement. The pop-up window how actually what it looks like, let’s see in the picture below. Also, you can use the arrow keys. Isn’t it amazing?

Hidden Secret Features of Discord

Click to Copy Your Username

Another secret feature of discord is that you can easily copy your username by simply clicking on your name. Doing this will automatically copy your username as well as your #id of discord. Using this feature saves your time. To share your username and id it makes it easy, you have to just click on the name and share.

Wumpus on Screen

Another hidden secret feature of discord is Wumpus on Screen. After you hover your mouse pointer over the server boosted message icon continuously then you can see a beautiful effect on the screen that is Wumpus. Pointing a single time it shows as throwing flowers, but not actually flowers. Continuously pointing multiple times will show the amazing effect. The flower-like papers and Wumpus appears on the screen and look great to watch.

Automatic Mention (For Mobile version only)

Last but not least, another hidden secret feature of discord is that while you are chatting with someone or chatting in a group you need to mention someone then you can simply tap on the name of that user whom you want to mention. Simply tapping on the name will automatically insert the name of that user in the message box. This only happens only on the mobile discord application. You don’t need to write his/her name by typing ‘@name…’ just simply tap on the name and the user will be automatically mentioned.

Select Multiple Emojis

Whenever you try to send emojis, you have to select one emoji then the emoji box disappears. When you have to send multiple emojis at once then it becomes boring to select one emoji and another. So, you can press and hold the “shift” button and then select multiple emojis at once. This was also one of the hidden secret features of discord.

So these are the hidden secret features of discord you should know. Also, check out how to make your computer faster for gaming.

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